McPhilix Foods

McPhilix Foods is a fully Ghanaian-owned business entity that aims at serving Africa most especially Ghanaians with the best of locally made plantain chips and other varieties of local snacks.

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Our Vision

To be the premier producer focused on providing quality, safe and convenience plantain chips and any other locally produced snacks to our customers across the globe.


We seek to provide opportunities for growth and development and also enhancing the lives and livelihood of the youth by providing employment.

Our Story

McPhilix Foods started as a tabletop business with the sales of varieties of plantain chips somewhere in October, 2015. Over the years, we’ve increased our customer base both locally and internationally. We look forward to becoming a household name in Ghana and Africa as a whole.



McPhilix Foods offers wide range snacks made from plantain, flour, peanuts. The premium among our snacks is our plantain chips. The plantain chips comes in varieties such as unripe plantain chips (Bode3), ripe Plantain chips (Kokoo), kelewele spiced ripe plantain chips, and shredded unripe plantain chips. The other products made from and peanuts are the roasted peanuts, peanut butter, cinnamon coated peanuts, granola, chin chin (atsormor), flour chips, and Shito.

More Flovour

Hot Pastries

Under McPhilix foods there is McPhilix Bakery which is a sub-section that offers Pastries such as Bread, Meat pie, Ring Donuts, Rock buns, etc.

Ghanaian Dishes

Our cafeteria serves delicious Ghanaian dishes such as jollof rice and Beans with plantain (Gob3)

Merry Christmas!

Enjoy this festive season with two (2) Special

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