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Continental & Local Dishes

  • Vegetable Rice + Cumin Infused fish or Chicken Stew
  • Vermicelli Rice + Chicken, FIs, Beef (In Vegetable Sauce)
  • Fried rice + (Beef or Chicken Sauce)
  • Fried rice + Grilled Chicken & Coleslaw
  • McPhilix “Lavish”- Assorted Fried Rice
  • Seafood Fried rice(octopus, Squid and Shrimp)
  • Jollof Rice + Grilled Chicken + Coleslaw
  • Assorted Jollof
  • Jollof & Beef , Chicken Sauce or Spicy Wings
  • McPhilix “Posh” Goat Jollof
  • Yam chips & Spicy Wings + Coleslaw
    -Kelewele & naked Peanuts
    -Kelewele & Spicy Wings
    -Kelewele & Spicy Pepper Gizzard
  • Assorted Noodles
  • Seafood Noodles
  • McPhilix “Bouje” Burgers
    a) Caramelized Onions and aioli toppings with Chicken.
    b) Caramelized Onions and aioli toppings with Beef.
  • Chicken & Avocado Wrap
    Salad bowls (Medium/Large)
    -Ghana Salad
    -Avocado & Tuna Salad
    -Chicken Salad
    -Green Salad
    -Potato Salad
  • Gob3 & Accompaniments
  • Oilless (Green) Okro with Banku
  • Grilled Tilapia and Banku
  • Attieke and Grilled Tilapia

Food Basket


  • Gob3-fried plantain, boiled egg, sausage, gari,
    red oil and green chili
  • Jollof- grilled chicken, coleslaw and black chili
  • Angwamo- salted beef, sardine, fried eggs,
    sausage, corned beef and red/ green chili
  • Ripe and unripe plantain with coated peanuts
  • Flour chips
  •  Peanut brittle and juices


  • Assorted jollof- coleslaw and black chili
  • Assorted fried rice- coleslaw and extra spicy wings
  • Ghana salad
  • Banku and grilled tilapia + green/ red chili
  • Vanilla, chocolate cupcakes
  • Ripe and unripe plantain chips, shredded plantain
    and coated peanuts
  • Juices (Pineapple, Watermelon and Beetroot )


  • Assorted fried rice (big bowl)
  • Assorted jollof rice (big bowl)
  • Gob3 pro max- fried plantain, eggs,
    sausage, etc
  • Banku and oiless okro (green okro)
  • Vegetable salad, fruit salad
  • Ripe and unripe plantain, shredded plantain
  • Peanut brittle, flour chips, coated nuts
  • Platter of grilled chicken and tilapia
  • Wine and juices


  • Ripe and Unripe Plantain Chips
  • Shredded plantain chips
  • Coated nuts
  • Naked nuts
  • Flour chips
  • Cupcakes
  • Meat pie
  • Bread rolls
  • Fish Pie
  • Chin Chin

The Best of Fried Chips and Local Dishes!

with a twist

Tasty Plantain Fries and Snacks!

Good Food!

Plantain Chips and Fries!

  • Unripped Plantain Chips


  • Ripped Plantain Chips


  • Kelewele

    Spiced Ripped plantain Chips

  • Shredded Plantain chips

    Shredded Unripped Plantain chips



McPhilix Foods offers wide range snacks made from plantain, flour, peanuts. The premium among our snacks is our plantain chips. The plantain chips comes in varieties such as unripe plantain chips (Bode3), ripe Plantain chips (Kokoo), kelewele spiced ripe plantain chips, and shredded unripe plantain chips. The other products made from and peanuts are the roasted peanuts, peanut butter, cinnamon coated peanuts, granola, chin chin (atsormor), flour chips, and Shito.

Plantain Chips & Snacks

Plantain chips

Unripe Plantain Chips


Shredded Chips

Shredded Plantain Chips

Chinchin Chips Medi Tied

Chin Chin (Atsormor)


Plantain chips

Ripe Plantain chips


Peanuts and More!

Chewy Crunchy

  • roasted peanuts

    Roasted Peanuts

  • Peanut Butter

    Peanut Butter

  • cinnamon coated peanuts

    Cinnamon Coated Peanuts

  • granola


  • Chin Chin


  • flour chips

    Flour Chips

  • Shito


Pastries and Snacks!

Main Course

  • Meat pie

    Meat pie

  • Rock buns

    Rock buns

  • Ring Donuts

    Ring Donuts

Local Dishes

  • Jollof Rice

    Chicken, Meat, Plantain and more

  • Beans with Plantain


More Flovour

Hot Pastries

Get your delicious fried plantain chips, chin chin, flour chips, cocoyam chips, peanuts drinks shito & more!

Ghanaian Dishes

Our cafeteria serves delicious Ghanaian dishes such as jollof rice and Beans with plantain (Gob3)

“The Best Chips in town”


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